Enterprise Culture

Enterprise culture

Corporate vision: Dedicated to becoming an internationally leading cable manufacturing enterprise.

Enterprise mission: Driven by innovation and technology, we provide our clients with efficient, secure, and reliable products, as well as premium solutions, to propel sustainable development in society and jointly create a brighter future.



Integrity and responsibility, empowering employees, fulfilling customers, embracing innovation, and pursuing excellence.

Enterprise Concept

Enterprise concept

Honest and positive

Honesty has been a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation since ancient times, and it is an important part of the core values of enterprises. Qianlie Cable’s people persist, challenge themselves and have lofty aspirations, so that the light of honesty can illuminate the road of enterprise development.

Business Philosophy

Business philosophy

Significant and beneficial

Work together for the same goal and realize win-win cooperation for the same dream. Qianlie provides you with a stage, and the stage is more exciting because of you.

Ten Principles Of Doing Things

Ten principles of doing things

Do today’s thing today; do what you can do immediately;

Do important things first; sort out complex things;

Do time-limited things by timing; find time to finish trivial things;

Assist in doing extra things; do personal things after work;

Do everything carefully; do not do anything illegal.