Performance pledge

Quality Commitment

This commitment letter for the quality and service provided by Yunnan prostate cable Co:

1. All products produced by our company have obtained the national industrial product production license, low-voltage wire through the CCC product certification, all products are produced and inspected in strict accordance with national standards or technical requirements of the tender documents to ensure that 100% of the products are of good quality after leaving the factory.

2. All products are guaranteed to be safe, brand new, unused, technical level is advanced, mature, excellent quality, and fully comply with national standards and technical requirements of the bidding party, with the manufacturer's quality assurance certificate (or certificate of conformity, factory inspection report) of the products.

3. The quality guarantee period of the contract goods is: 12 months from the acceptance and operation of the contract goods, except as otherwise provided in the special terms.

4. The products delivered by our company are packed according to the relevant national regulations and can meet long-distance transportation, multiple handling, etc. to avoid moisture and abrasion, etc.

5. During the warranty period, our company is responsible for any deficiencies or quality problems that occur due to defects in production, workmanship or materials, the costs of which shall be borne by us.

6. Our company guarantees to provide correct and complete technical information as required by the tenderer and assigns technical personnel with rich operation and high technical level to provide technical service on site. When you request our company to provide on-site service, our technical personnel will guarantee to reply within 12 hours after receiving your notice and arrive at the site within 24 hours.

7. The product implementation of the "three packages" service (repair, replacement, return). If the product inadvertently has quality problems in the construction, our company will assist you to repair free of charge, such as product quality problems during the quality assurance period, our company will unconditionally replace the product and bear the corresponding losses.

8. If the product has quality problems, our company's service response time: 2 hours to respond within the province, 6 hours to arrive at the scene, 12 hours to deal with; 2 hours to respond outside the province, 12 hours to arrive at the scene, 24 hours to deal with. Do not solve the quality problems, service personnel do not withdraw. Service Tel: 400-999-1995 0877-2770151 18787789266.

Yunnan Prosperity Cable Co.