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Mineral Insulated Fireproof Cable

Mineral insulated cable is a kind of cable which wraps copper conductor core wire with metal sheath and separates conductor and sheath with magnesium hydroxide as fireproof layer. Appropriate protective sheath can be selected for the outermost layer according to needs.

PVC Insulated Wire

PVC/XLPE insulated wires of 450/750 V and below are suitable for home improvement, lighting, indoor wiring of household appliances, instruments and power plants, municipal (rural power grid reconstruction) projects of power grid companies, etc.

Steel-cored Aluminum Stranded Wire

Our company produces steel core aluminum strand JL/G1A, the steel core mainly plays a role in increasing the breaking force, aluminum strand mainly plays a role in transmitting electrical energy, where J represents the strand, L represents hard aluminum wire, G1A represents A-level coating 1 strength galvanized steel wire, galvanized steel strand.

Power Cable

Power cables are cables used for transmission and distribution of electric energy. Power cables are often used in urban underground power grids, power station outgoing lines, internal power supply of industrial and mining enterprises and underwater transmission lines across rivers and seas.

Overhead Insulated Cable

The overhead insulated cables produced by our company fully meet the national standard requirements of GB/T 12527 Aerial Insulated Cables of Rated Voltages up to and Including 1 kV and GB/T 14049 Aerial Insulated Cables for Rated Voltage of 10 kV, among which the core structure of reinforced overhead insulated cables refers to the national standard requirements of GB/T 1179 Round Wire Concentric Lay Overhead Electrical Stranded Conductors. This product is suitable for laying overhead lines with rated voltage of 10 kV and below, and can be widely used in urban and rural power distribution systems.

Parallel Cluster Cable

The parallel cluster overhead insulated cable produced by our company fully meets the enterprise standard requirements of Q/YQL02-2016 Parallel Cluster Overhead Insulated Cable. It is suitable for parallel cluster overhead insulated cables with rated voltage of 0.6/1 kV and below, and can be widely used in low-voltage power distribution systems in cities and towns and rural areas.

Rubber Sheathed Cable

The rubber-sheathed cables produced by our company fully comply with the standard requirements of GB/T 5013 "Rubber Insulated Cables with Rated Voltage 450/750V and below" and JB/T 8735 "Rubber Insulated Flexible Wires and Flexible Cables with Rated Voltage 450/750V and below", and have obtained the CCC compulsory certification. The products are suitable for household appliances, power tools and various mobile electrical equipment with AC rated voltage U0/U of 450/750V and below.

Network Line

Our company produces category 5 and super category 5 network cable is a kind of network cable, divided into unshielded network cable and shielded network cable, with small attenuation and less crosstalk, mainly used in gigabit Ethernet.

Telephone Lines

The HBYV-P and HBYV-J telephone cables produced by our company are specially used for the connection between telecommunication engineering wiring, municipal telephone communication cable system wiring, the connection between voice communication system backbone, program-controlled exchange, telephone, fax and digital telephone. The product standard refers to YD/T 322 "copper core polyolefin insulation aluminum-plastic comprehensive sheathing city communication cable" national communication industry standard and enterprise standard requirements.


Our CATV physical foam coaxial cable SYWV-75-5-A (HD TV cable) is a carrier dedicated to cable TV transmission of TV signals, applicable range for use between TV users and community antennas, and can also be used by telephone companies, and is also widely used in corporate intranets and Ethernet, ISDN (One Line Pass), DSL, voice, fax, communication data transmission, home telephone wiring, enterprise telephone wiring, high-speed ADSL (asymmetric digital subscriber line) access, digital telephone set access, etc. In the existing cable TV network, except for the backbone, which uses fiber optic cable, the rest of the network uses coaxial RF cable to transmit TV signals.

Lrradiated Energy-gathered Charge Wire

WDZB-GYJS (F) R/125 - 70-year-service-life boutique home improvement line 3.0 implementation standard JGT 441-2014 double-layer co-extruded halogen-free low-smoke flame retardant wire.

High-end Home Improvement Line

Environmentally friendly cable made (without emitting toxic smoke when burning) of halogen-free low-smoke flame retardant cross-linked polyolefin and other compounds without halogen, lead, cadmium, chromium and mercury and other environmental substances, is adopted for insulation.

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